Sebastian Burdon - Motion Graphics Designer London

Sebastian Burdon – 3D and Motion Graphics – London


I am Sebastian Burdon and I am 3D Generalist and Motion Graphics Designer based in London.
I am a freelancer, but I run my own small digital production studio Creative Not.
I have been working with FumeFX for few years now and managed to create a small portfolio of visual effects, with every project I am learning something new about FumeFX.

My goal is to create 100 presets.
If I create one preset every 2 weeks, we should get to 100 percent in about 4 years. First presets are quite obvious ie. camp fire, smoke plume etc. However I am hoping that once we have those basic ones out of the way, I will focus on more advanced effects.

This website is to help FumeFX community create better work and help others learn FumeFX. For me the best way to learn a new plugin is to open an existing scene and reverse engineer it.
I have purchased quite a few tutorials from Allan Mckay, Digital Tutors and CGCookie, and I learned a lot. Now I would like to share what I learned with you.
Sitni Sati folks were super cool about me creating this website and allowed me to use their product name in the domain name.

If you have any suggestions for presets or need any help please email me at

It is OK to use presets on your commercial and perosonal work. It is not allowed to sell those presets or include as a part of any pack or bundle.